Nikki Burton
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  • Background: Healthily is a health and wellness app that is aimed to educate and empower users through sharing information.  They can apply the information to their daily lives and take control of their health with simplicity and ease of use.

  • Challenge: To create features so the user can follow other users on their journey, look up recipes, research herbs and their healing benefits and create a profile that allows them to track calorie intake and goals. 

  •  The process included: User Research,  Appmap and Userflow, Wireframing and Prototyping and UI Design


PHASE ONE:  Research & Understand

  • To get familiar with the topic I did secondary research.

  • To understand the demands of the market and the differentiation opportunities I did a competitive analysis.

  • To get a better understanding of the user needs, pains and goals, I created a survey and gathered qualitative and quantitive data. 


PHASE TWO:  Define

  • I created my core strategy using the UX Strategy Blueprint to define my challenges, aspirations and focus areas.


App Map




Phase three: Design

wireframes-high fid.png

Phase Four: Test

  • I conducted moderated user testing using InVision prototype.

  • The goal of  testing was to identify any user issues completing tasks and where the user was getting stuck.


Conclusion:  I absolutely loved designing this and thinking of all the other possibilities if time permitted. The lesson for me in this project came after the survey results. I had no intention on turning this into a fitness app but after synthesizing the research, calorie counting was important to most people. I designed it for the user to turn on that feature in the settings. I designed the screens so the home screen would take them to their own personal information and goals. Where I ran into some trouble was when I wasn't thinking what the home page would look like if they didn't want to count calories, as this was just an option not a requirement. I then had to rethink my strategy and go back to the drawing board and design two home pages. Great lesson for me in how sometimes the most obvious isn't so obvious.